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The Amityville Murders

112 Ocean Avenue
Amityville, Long Island, NY

40° 39' , -73° 24'
40.666 , -73.415

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Things to remember when visiting:

  • The only "unnatural" thing that the current owners of the house have encountered is the invasion of their privacy and property by scores of sightseers. It is a tremendous burden to the family that currently lives in the house to have strangers constantly at their door and on their property. DO NOT knock on the door or disturb the owners in any way.
  • Changes in the house since the murder include:
    • The O'Neals filled in the DeFeo pool.
    • Brian Wilson strengthened the foundation of the sinking boathouse and added a sunroom to the back of the house.
    • The TV room on the second floor has been merged into the master bedroom.
    • The outside of the house has been painted white.
    • You may have heard about the two quarter-moon windows on the house that gave it its "spooky" effect. In fact, the quarter moon windows were quite common on Ocean Avenue and signified nothing "evil." Since the murder, they have been replaced with square windows.
  • In the movie "The Amityville Horror", the address of the house was 412 Ocean Avenue. This was changed to confuse tourists. It is not the correct address of the house. In fact, the whole house looks completely different in the movies.
  • The house was not really built in the 1600s. There are no "secret passageways" in the house. Click here for the true history of 112 Ocean Avenue.