DJ Craig - Break the Silence


 What types of events do you perform at?
In the ten years that I have been a professional mobile DJ, I have done weddings, sweet sixteens, birthday parties ranging from age one to 100, corporate events, high school proms, middle/elementary school dances, sporting events, pool parties, skating rink parties, silent discos, night clubs, new years eve parties, halloween parties, christmas parties, valentines day parties, charity fundraisers, and much more!

 Can you make announcements and MC the event?
Absolutely! Let me know the details of any special events you would like to include, such as performances, speakers, games, give-aways, etc and I will assist you in planning these events to flow smoothly, and act as the MC for the event.

 Do you offer lighting?
I offer a very wide variety of lighting options, ranging from elegant to outrageous! My lighting options include wireless colored uplighting matched to your event's color scheme, custom monogram projections, multi-colored sound-responsive dance floor effect lighting, strobe lights, fog machines, lasers, and all sorts of flashing, spinning, wirring colored gizmos. I know that a lot of my clients have invested a lot of time and money into making the room look beautiful, so I put a lot of effort into keeping my lighting tidy and clean, with no visible wires.

 What if you don't show up?
Believe it or not, there are some DJs out there who do not take their commitments to events seriously, and I have heard many horror stories of DJs not showing up. In 10 years in this business, I have never missed an event. That said, I still have contingency plans in place for event of a medical emergency. As a member of the East Tennessee chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association, there are other skilled local mobile DJs who would have my back in a true emergency.

 Do you mix?
Absolutely, and I am one of very few professional mobile DJs in the area who has the skills to beat mix. I am by no means a remix artist or turntablist, but I can consistantly keep the beat going smoothly through song transitions.

 How long does it take you to set up?
It depends on the complexity of the event and the equipment needed, but for the majority of events that are single-sound system with some basic lighting and convenient load-in parking, I usually like to leave two hours for setup. I can sometimes set up in less time than this, but I like to leave plenty of extra time. Clean-up usually takes around an hour.

 How far in advance should I book?
Because I DJ a lot of weddings, my Saturdays are often booked over a year in advance. That said, it's very possible you could call me the day before an event and I'll still have it available. There is no set time frame for booking, but I strongly recommend doing it as early as you possibly can.

 Do you have liability insurance, and a contract?
Yes, and you should not hire any DJ who does not!

 Do you have backup equipment?
Yes, and, again, you should not hire any DJ who does not! I have duplicates of all of my gear, including the computer, available in case of technical issues.

 Do you have clean versions of the music?
Yes, all of the music I have is radio versions.

 Do you take song requests?
I love getting song requests! I have a library of 20,000 songs and I will typically have any song that is requested. That said, I do apply my own judgement when taking song requests from guests. I won't take song requests that I feel are not fitting for the event unless specifically requested by the event organizer.

Weddings are completely different to any other event, so they have a seperate FAQ.
Wedding FAQ